For us it is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), especially highlighting the following:


8 - Decent work and economic growth and 12 - Responsible consumption and production.


Among the most outstanding actions for our cultural tourism agency, we highlight the following:

-Obtaining the "Biosphere" and "Safe Travels" seals, becoming a committed entity. We are currently in the advisory process to accredit these seals. We have received complete training to make our agency more sustainable, socially responsible and safe in health matters.

-Respect for all the indications in the "Decalogue of good practices for the tourist guide" published by the Barcelona City Council and AGUICAT.

-Decentralization of our routes and transports in the districts of the city of Barcelona and the province to avoid overcrowding and affecting the urban environment.

-Use of sustainable radioguides (DisVoize) to avoid noise pollution.

-Power public transport and if not possible, low-emission or electric vehicles.

-Avoid the use of polluting materials in our events and gastronomic experiences, promoting recycling.

-All our routes are adapted to people with special needs.

-Social responsibility, participating in solidarity routes for vulnerable groups or organizations such as La Marató.

-Support young local artists and creative industries entities.

-Collaboration in our routes, experiences and trips with emblematic shops, local cultural entities, restaurants and historic hotels to support their survival.

-Contribution to the preservation of private historical and artistic heritage that does not have subsidies, such as unique houses and private collections.

-Diffusion on our website and social networks of environmental and social causes.