Emotion History is a travel agency to enjoy cultural tours and immersive experiences. Our mission is to share our passion for history in a different and unique way to relive and feel historical moments in hidden and secret places with charismatic and emblematic characters from our past. Our dream is that our local and international audience can enjoy a unique experience rediscovering the most secret and curious side of Barcelona and other cities. We will visit unusual, private and off-limits spaces, theatricalizing tours, trips and gastronomic experiences. Welcome to Emotion History: the best kept history secrets await you!



Felipe Trigo (Barcelona, ​​1987) co-director of Emotion History, is a historian, official international tour guide and expert in events of all kinds. With a degree in History (University of Barcelona), he started his career in cultural tourism as a guide for the "VIA Barcelona" agency. He leads immersive and dynamic itineraries and trips that explore history and art through the most surprising and hidden locations in cities. He organizes visits to collections, houses and private spaces, shows, theatrical tours, concerts, theme parties and gala dinners in the most unusual places. Fascinated by performing arts, he is the founder of the underground cabaret company "Kriminal Kabarett" (2011). Since 2014 he has been co-director of the "Hendrick's Congress for Curious People" in Spain, an absolute success in Barcelona and Madrid. Member of the Wagner Society of Switzerland, he is a promoter of classical music concerts. He is currently director of trips in Spain and Italy for the world-renowned travel agency "Atlas Oscura", enchanting its travelers through the mysteries and myths of Barcelona, ​​Andalusia, Rome and Florence.


Erika Fichera

Erika Fichera (Buenos Aires, 1983), multidisciplinary artist: actress, dancer, singer, artistic director and co-director of Emotion History.

She began her academical career at the "Tato Bores" cultural center in Buenos Aires. She finished her education at the "Coco Comín" musical comedy school in Barcelona. She began her first steps in independent theater, dance and circus companies, including "Kriminal Kabarett". She has performed at the 2012 London Olympic Games at the show "Electric Cabaret" and for circus and show companies touring Asia and Europe. She contributed to Rafael Amargo's company in the show "Amargo Follies" as a master of ceremonies. Later on, she was part of the show "Heart" at the "Cirque du Soleil" for three years in which she played the main character "Lady Heart" (Ibiza and Monaco). She has recently been master of ceremonies for the cabaret show at the "Hotel Edition by Marriott Hotels" and at the "Show-on Events" company performing shows on cruise ships. As director, she has directed the show "Open the gate" for the release of the artist's album "Musgö", among other projects.