KRIMINAL KABARETT, founded at aDa Art Gallery (Barcelona, ​May 2011) under the patronage of art gallerist Isabel Capdevila. We are a collective of artists and fans of everything related to cabaret throughout history. We intend to revive brilliant moments - the Baroque Carnival, the "Cabaret du Néant" in Paris, the expressionist Berlin, Shanghai in the 1930’s - always looking for transgression, aestheticism and social criticism.

Kriminal Kabarett revives the genre in Europe with an eclectic spirit. Without excluding links with literature, cinema, fashion, gastronomy and fine arts. It is no coincidence that it was inaugurated at aDa Art Gallery, where we paid our tribute to the Raval red-light district, famous for Genet, Bataille, Gil de Biedma, the “gauche divine” and so many others.

Our team is pleased to welcome you:

Madame Hiroshima, our versatile art gallerist and emcee, Lady Bon Bon, our chameleonic actress, singer and dancer, Ángel Trullen, screenwriter and Felipe Trigo, creative director.

2011, Kriminal Kabarett's first year, was marked by the resurgence of the "burlesque" genre in Barcelona. We inspired our events in the tumultuous world of Berlin with the satirical performance "Fever / Führer". The second half of the year was marked by our collaboration with the "Poetic Brothel" directed by the New Yorker Kiely Sweatt, with which we could enjoy the "Poetry Brothel” founded in the United States on the stages of aDa Art Galery and Tinta Roja.

In 2012, two great emblematic productions of Kriminal Kabarett were an absolute success. "Opium Express", the recreation of a brothel and opium den in Japanese-occupied Shanghai with the participation of the acclaimed poet Txus Garcia and the provocative vedette Lola von Dage.

"Cabaret du Néant" was a memorable night at the "Atelier de la Muerte Negra" evoking the now-defunct “Cabaret of the Dead” from Paris at the Belle Époque, with the stellar appearance of the mentalist Pablo Raijenstein, the greatest specialist in Aleister Crowley in Spain and the entire cast of artists in the company, including the Japanese pianist Kubota Azuka, French performer Alix Merry, Lady Bon Bon, Madame Hiroshima and Lola von Dage.

The year 2013 marks the entrance of Kriminal Kabarett into the international scene. In January 2013 in collaboration with "Soleil Noir" and "La Sexorcisto" we celebrated in the venue "Les Citrons Masqués" in Yverdon (Switzerland) a themed night of cabaret and "neofolk" music with the presence of the French band "Dernière Volonté ", one of the most famous of the genre.

In April we organized with "Cabaret Bizarre" a show inspired by the mysteries of ancient Greece, with a spectacular cast starring Lady Bon Bon & Herr Mystikhoop, Madame Hiroshima, the mentalist Pablo Raijenstein and Mr. Pustra, the greatest star of the " neocabaret " scene in London and Berlin. At the end of the year, aDa Art Gallery produced "Kriminal Delikatessen", a culinary experience combined with Lady Bon Bon best acts.

In 2014 we started our synergy with the "Coney Island Museum" and the "Morbid Anatomy Museum" from New York, inaugurating the "Hendrick's Congress for Curious People" in Barcelona, ​​which would have three major evening events: the "Noir Masquerade", the "Surrealist Dinner at the Taxidermist" and the Carnival cocktail "La Barcelona Libertina". In addition to the "Salvador Dinner", a 17th century gastronomy experience, live baroque opera and performances by Lady Bon Bon.

From now on, Kriminal Kabarett always participates in the "Hendrick's Congress for Curious People" and the trips and events of "Atlas Obscura" always starring our stars Madame Hiroshima and Lady Bon Bon. Its latest productions have been considered the most extraordinary Carnival galas in Spain: the "Surrealist Ball" at the Palacio Duarte in Madrid (2016), the "Bal Oriental" at the Villa Hispanoárabe (2017), the "Baroque Masquerade" at the Dalmases Palace (2018) and the Carnival Galas for “Atlas Obscura” at the cabaret Tinta Roja and the Oleguer Junyent Workshop (2019-2020).